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Evangelical Child and Family Agency’s Adoption Program emphasizes a personalized and comprehensive approach to its clients, and a commitment to excellence in its services. The following are the primary elements of the program’s philosophy of service:

  • We seek to find appropriate families for children, and are committed to protecting the best interests of each child served by ECFA.
  • We provide information that enables those we serve to make informed, prayerful, and realistic decisions about the adoption of a child.
  • We equip those we serve with training, resources and support needed to excel in the parenting role. Parenting adopted children is more than just receiving placement. It is a life-long journey with many joys and challenges along the way. We are partners along that journey.
  • We assist those we serve in preparing for adoption emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. This is accomplished through a team approach that includes the adoptive clients, the adoption worker, birth parents and the child(ren). Regarding levels of openness between the adoptive and birth parents, we take an individualized, rather than a one-size-fits-all, approach. The uniqueness of each situation is emphasized.
  • We help to facilitate a process that is appropriate for all members of the adoption triad, especially the needs of the child(ren) regarding the desires of the birth parents and the capabilities and desires of the adoptive parents.
  • We help the adoptive parents to discover that they are merging their family with that of the child. For some, this means discovering the challenges, joys, and frustrations of adopting a child from another cultural, racial background, or older child.

ECFA’s Adoption Program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services.

ECFA’s Adoption Program is licensed by the Illinois  Department of Children and Family Services. The Child Welfare  License number is 6726-11. You can download the most recent DCFS  Annual Report (160 KB) or request a hard copy by calling  the agency at 1-630-653-6400.

To contact the adoption program: 630-653-6400 ask for Cristina Cook or Jenny Ripley.

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