News by Category

There are six main post categories that you’ll see throughout this blog which highlight important aspects about the agency.  These five main post themes have names, and sometimes sub-categories, which will help you anticipate what the particular post is about.

All in the Office

We have cool staff.  You may not know it, but now you will.  We want to connect you to our agency by letting you know a little bit about our (quirky) secrets.  Here’s where you will get to test your knowledge about current staff, groan at our clinical supervisor’s puns, and feel connected to people you may not know yet- but already care about.  It’s kind of like sneaking a peak through the windows, but less creepy.


We hope this post will help you, the reader, consider ways you can participate in making the agency a better place, better at doing its job. Here we will highlight individual stories of giving and introduce you to some of our donors.  It won’t be possible to highlight everyone, since even the pennies count.  You’ll find our upcoming opportunities for giving (which are also fun social events) and see where we are on our goals.  After all the anticipation of upcomng events, you’ll be able to check back for the event follow up, including pictures. Lovely, lovely pictures.

Facts and Figure Skating

This post (facts and figure skating) will educate you with the news that affects our agency.  We also will share how our agency desires to affect the news. We might expand on what current statistics are in our program area or how we feel about them.

R and R (Read and Respond)

The purpose of Read and Respond is to engage you, the reader, in your part at ECFA.  We don’t exist without our outside people.  We can’t do it without you- and this is a chance for you to let us know a little more about you and also get the chance to know about others that are also interested in what we do here (that’s everyone, right?!)  We always want your participation, but this one will contain information and questions shared especially for you and by you.