About Us

First of all, let’s introduce Evangelical Child and Family Agency (ECFA).

ECFA is an evangelical Christian social services agency. We offer many services. These include adoption, pregnancy counseling and care, and family counseling. We also provide safe family services and family preservation through our intact family services. Our highly trained staff is supported by numerous volunteers-men and women who contribute many hours to make our success possible. Find out more about ECFA at www.evancfa.org.

Now it’s time to introduce this blog.

You have found ECFA’s blog, and we’re glad you are here. This blog was created to communicate the work that we’re doing at ECFA with the people who make it possible. Maybe you aren’t involved yet. That is okay. This is an opportunity for everyone to know a bit about what we think about and what we do at ECFA.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to know the private details of our client’s stories. That’s because these details are private. There will be rare occasions where a client allows us to share their triumphs and their struggles. Most times, however, we hope to connect you to this agency in other ways such as teaching you more about our staff, our challenges, our upcoming events, our needs, and our changes.

As in our Christian lives, everything we do is for the glory of God- to further his Kingdom and to love like Jesus. Since everything we do is for Him, He is present in all that we do. We hope you find him in-between these computer-generated lines, even when we aren’t quoting scripture and saying His name explicitly. He’s there.

You can find out more about our blog posts on our blog post guide. There are some posts that will tell you how we could use your help, there are some to show you how your help is supporting ECFA, there are some that are specifically created for your participation- although we encourage your participation in all things. Although, as described in our disclaimer at the bottom of the blog, we reserve the right to delete information at our discretion.  We hope that you communicate your favorites to us and let us know what might be missing.

This blog is created for you, we hope that you’ll be a part of ECFA. If you already are, this blog is also created for you. We hope that you’ll feel more connected to ECFA.