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Writing Contest for Adoptees Anchored in Christ

Jody Moreen is excited to share a writing contest for those adoptees who are 18 and older. Please read below a message from Jody and more information regarding this writing contest.

“Spring is on the horizon and in the month of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. This year it is May 10th, 2015. As adoptees, we are keenly aware that we have been given the gift of LIFE. Regardless of the circumstances of our birth, there was a special birth mother that chose LIFE and carried us safety in her womb for 9 months. I don’t know about you, but I have always embraced a soft and loving place in my heart for my birth mom. Sadly I was never able to meet her face-to-face before she passed away. In honor of all birth mothers I am asking adoptees or those orphaned since birth who carry love in their heart for LIFE to share your thankfulness, gratitude and loving and honoring sentiments to your birth mother and to God. Contest open to persons 18 and up. In 250 words or less share in a letter, a poem, a prayer or a song of praise. ( If you have already written something longer- feel free to share, but new writings strive to keep close to 250 words- a goal to be concise ) You may include a beautiful scripture verse in the Bible at the beginning, end or in the content of your piece. Feel free to share what God places on your heart. Be simple, poetic or creative, whatever way you are lead to express your praiseworthy sentiments. ( You may address your birth mother by her first name, if you know it, or you can just use the word Birth Mother or Dear Mother or another loving title.) Please prayerfully consider participating and share this with others you know that are adopted or those orphaned since birth. I would love to compile a collection of some of these letters to use to honor LIFE, and encourage birth mothers, women in crisis pregnancies, adoptees and others touched by adoption. Just imagine- your words, your expressions could save a precious life by touching a woman making a challenging pregnancy decision! PLEASE-DO NOT post your letters here.
E-mail them to me at:
jodymoreen ( followed by the @ sign ) gmail.com and in the Subject line add- or send them to me via snail mail at:
Jody Moreen, 408 Christopher Ct. SE, Winter Haven, FL. 33884. PLEASE include your name, address, zip code, phone number and e-mail address at the end of your piece. Also state whether your entry is an original, or already published in any print or media source. Contest deadline is Easter Sunday April 5th, 2015- emailed or postmarked before Easter Sunday.**** ( see note at end of this posting )
A pre-selected group of adoptees and birth mothers will vote on their favorites ) Winning entries will be published on my Adoptees Anchored in Christ blog at:
adopteesanchoredinjesus@blogspot.com and also on Adoptees Café : adopteescafe@blogspot.com
1st prize: $200.00
2nd prize: $100.00
3rd prize: $50
4th prize: $50
Honorable mentions: ( up to 10 depending on the amount of entries ) will receive their choice of a silver-toned Chosen Necklace containing the words ( Created/Chosen/Celebrated/Cherished) on a pendant from Dayspring, an Adoptee’s Anchor -Christian mug or a new Adoption book of their choice from selections from my ever growing library )
**** If entries number less than 50 by the April 5th, 2015 deadline, participants will be notified by e-mail of an extended deadline- so please include your e-mail address with your entry. Feel free to write and inquire.
Questions about the contest can be sent to Jody at jodymoreen ( followed by the @sign )gmail.com

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