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All Types of Mothers’ Day

Mother's Day Blog Photo

This coming Sunday is a day traditionally set aside to celebrate mothers (and let me tell you, they deserve to be celebrated). It is a day to honor and recognize mothers.

Mothers come to be through a myriad of ways. They are made through thousands of little experiences. There is not just one type of mother.

So, here is to all the mothers out there.

Those who are experiencing infertility.
Those who opened their hearts and homes to foster children.
Those who gave birth to a child and made a courageous decision to make an adoption plan.
Those who serve as Safe Families for Children mothers.
Those who just became mothers for the first time.
Those who have been mothers for years and years.
Those who donated embryos (for someone else to become a mother too).
Those who have lost a child.
Those who are currently pregnant.
Those who are mothers through marriage.
Those who regret an abortion.
Those who may be an “unofficial” mother to a child.
Those who are raising a relative.
Those who added to their family through adoption.
Those who are surrogate mothers.
Those who have experienced miscarriage.
And those who I haven’t even specified (as there are more types of mothers than I even know).

Whatever your situation, story, or experience, I hope you feel loved and appreciated. God Bless and Happy Mother’s Day.

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