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Caring for Others

On august 6th, I will be attended an appreciation event for Host Families through Safe Families For Children.  The families were celebrated for opening their homes and caring for children while their parents are going through a crisis. Some families open their homes for a few days and some for several months.  The host parents and their children treat these children as their own.  The kids share their bedrooms, their toys, they swim together, they play together, they eat together; the host parents set an extra plate at the table, they set rules, they give hugs, they read, they play, they show the kids love, they tuck them in at night.   I can’t wait to celebrate these families; to thank them for caring for others!

What a blessing it is to care for people.  There are so many extraordinary people who go out of their way to meet the needs of others.  People provide meals, offer a listening ear, provide for a material need, offer their time to do yard work with no pay or free babysitting, open their homes to provide shelter in times of crisis, pray for others, offer rides, create events to raise money, write notes of encouragement, coach, organize sports teams for children with special needs, and so on.  The ways in which people show kindness and love is endless.  Some people are equipped to care for others in big ways; some are equipped to do the small things.  They all matter!  What I love most is that when people do these acts of kindness, their love for people just shines through so beautifully.  You can tell that people who do these things do it with a genuine heart.  I’ll be honest, when I see acts of kindness and talk about what others do; it is easy for me to get teary eyed.  It’s touching and heartwarming.  It is simply a beautiful thing.

I want people to remember that caring for others is easy and doable by all.  We don’t all need to do the big things.  But we need to do something. I truly believe this.  I want to challenge you today to think of a way you can be there for someone else.  Could you take a moment and help carry groceries out to someone’s car, could you bring flowers to a nursing home, bake cookies for a neighbor just because.  People on the receiving end will smile and feel loved – everyone deserves to feel that way!  I imagine you will feel that way too when your work is done.  I’m guessing you’ll go home and try of think of other ways to care for people.  At least I hope that’s the case!

Now go – love on others.


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