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Adoption and Steve Jobs

Apple is a company that prides itself in its leading technological innovation. They have generated many versions of the iPod, iPhone, and most recently, the iPad and iPad2. These devices exhibit a world of amazing possibilities.

Steve Jobs, the originator of this company, was also born of a mother who chose adoption. As a woman who did not feel she was in the right condition to raise Steve, his mother could have decided to end the pregnancy–but she didn’t. Instead, she chose life for Steve, and his is a life that has changed countless lives: from those of his adoptive parents to those reading this on their iDevice.

Here at ECFA, we would like to thank the birthmothers out there that have chosen the emotional, loving, selfless road of adoption.

We pray for the spread of education as to the many reasons birthmothers choose adoption (read: Selfless Love) and as to the use of respectful adoption language, such as the difference between the phrases “adoption plan” and “giving up for adoption.” We also pray for the women and men that are able to fulfill their hopes and dreams as they adopt children and welcome them into their homes, and for those that are still waiting.

For more information on Steve Jobs and his adoption story, read these articles from TIME Magazine and The New York Times.


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One comment on “Adoption and Steve Jobs

  1. Great article about Steve Jobs and his history of being adopted.

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