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Some Big Changes and Reassuring Consistencies

There have been some significant changes being made here at ECFA as our foster care program comes to a close. You can read more about the events behind this decision here.

Thankfully, these transitions are being supported our offices many consistencies:

First of all, ECFA carries its mission forward with five fabulous programs, including counseling, pregnancy support services, intact family services, safe families, and adoption (domestic and international).

Second of all, we still have amazing staff that prays before the start of the day, continues to educate ourselves and others on how to best serve our clients, and willingly stops to help when another staff’s car tire is flat.

And third of all, we cannot carry out our mission without your mission.  This includes your support through financial gifts, volunteering, and prayer.  Visit www.evancfa.org to explore how your mission can help ours.


About Evangelical Child & Family Agency

Adoption, Safe Families, Intact Family Services, Counseling, Pregnancy, Birthparents, Adoptive Parents

One comment on “Some Big Changes and Reassuring Consistencies

  1. LOVE THE PICTURE of these two wonderful guys!!!

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