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Life-A-Thon Runner Tells All

I sat down with Rita to talk about her 3rd time doing ECFA’s Life-A-Thon. This year she will be running the timed 5k with rock-star style!

Our Life-A-Thon star, Rita, running the Viking Sunset 5k in Geneva. “It was so hot out that night,” she recalls.

So, Rita, what was your first race?

The Zoo Run Run. It had the best line on the shirt: “Run Wild at Brookfield Zoo.”

I know you like biking, also. What’s your first love: running or biking?

Cross-country skiing! I think the first time a friend took me out, my Norwegian heritage kicked in, and I fell in love with being out in the snow and the woods. It took awhile before my skill level let me glide through woods as I do now. I run to keep aerobically in shape for skiing, and I bike simply because it is a fun way to get around and enjoy the great outdoors.

Most triumphant running moment?

Any race I finish!! But I’m afraid it would have to go to cross-country skiing and finishing the North American Birkiebiener Ski Race in Hayward, WI. It is the “Boston Marathon” of cross-country skiing and is 31 miles!! Yikes!

Most embarrassing running moment?

I wouldn’t call it embarrasing, but recently I took a bad fall that garnered a bit of attention from bikers and runners on the trail.

What’s your favorite running song?

I don’t have a favorite song, but currently my playlist skews country.

Which athletes inspire you to greatness?

Surprisingly no one famous.  I think the people who I participate in sports with inspire me.  That and the occassional story I read about  an average person who gets out there in spite of some adversity, or they are older and don’t let that stop them.

Do you have a current favorite quote?

“The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” John Bingham, who used to write for Runners World.

Which ECFA program inspires you the most? 

Foster Care. It takes a truly special family or person to open their home and heart to a child that quite often has a lot of emotional baggage. Your whole goal is to take of care of and contribute to the healing of the child, and in the end you have to have a big enough heart to reunite the child with their family.


Katherine can’t wait for this weekend, when ECFA’s Life-A-Thon takes place at 12:00 on Saturday, September 10. To register, click here. If you can’t be there, but would like to sponsor Rita as she jogs that awesome 5k, click here. Stay tuned for awesome pictures and updates about our super-fun day of awesome runners/walkers/bikers like Rita.


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