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Top 10 Reasons to Run, Walk, or Bike the Life-A-Thon:

1) You may like running, walking, or biking. Maybe you just know how to move your legs in a motion that resembles one of those things. It doesn’t have to be pretty.

2) Herrick Lake is gorgeous. Well, the moss that’s in the actual lake is not, but the paths are nice, and there are some stunning prairie views if you’re into native plants or seeing Illinois dressed in its own style.

3) Wendy will be taking photos, and she just may get a flattering shot of you mid-stride. (Time to change your Facebook profile pic, anyone?)

4) It’s a timed 5k, so you can race among friends and family while tracking your progress.

5) You can test out your race pacing while doing a good deed as well, raising dollars for ECFA.

6) Dollars raised go straight to Pregnancy Support Services (PSS),  giving women who face unplanned pregnancy the opportunity to choose life for their babies.

7) Dollars raised also support to the Counseling program that helps traumatized children heal.

8 ) This money gives life to ECFA’s Safe Families program as well, an amazing new program that  supports families-in-crisis move through the crisis by providing temporary care for children.

9) On a superficial note, you will also get a sweet red drawstring backpack. So when you go to the pool, people will know you supported ECFA’s efforts to affirm life.

And finally, 10) Meet our staff, sponsors, and clients. Spend time with some of the many people that make up this agency!


ECFA’s Life-A-Thon takes place at 12:00 on Saturday, September 10. To register, click here. If you can’t be there, but would like to donate for Queen Ecfa’s run around the lake, click here.


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