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Anonymous Adoption Worker Speaks Out: What It’s Like to Witness a Placement

The following is a transcript of a recorded conversation between Queen Ecfa and one of her informants–an Unidentified Adoption Worker.


Queen Ecfa: You work with Adoptive Parents. Do you work with Birth Parents, also?

Anonymous Adoption Worker: No, we (the adoption workers) have very little contact with the birth families. 2-5 times during the whole process.

Queen Ecfa: Tell us about an experience you had with a placement.

Anonymous Adoption Worker:  The last placement I did was with a teenage girl. She read a heartfelt letter she had written to the adoptive couple. I was blown away by her grace, her composure, her bravery, and the depth of what she was expressing to them. She was scared, but she wanted the best for her child and knew she wasn’t in a place to parent because of her age. It was incredibly selfless and extremely brave, especially for a teenager!

Queen Ecfa: What is it like to be part of something as intense as a placement?

Anonymous Adoption Worker: Extremely emotional for those involved. Often it is the adoptive parents, the birth parents, and the family members of each. The worker for each client is there. At times, it is very intimate. It feels almost like I shouldn’t be allowed to watch and be part of this moment! It’s difficult to watch, but seeing the clients interact and hearing the things they say in these moments are huge examples of courage. Adoption can be complicated and messy, but it’s an amazing, deep journey.

Queen Ecfa: I’d better let you get back to your desk before someone realizes you’ve been talking to me. Thanks for this inside intel–I’ll be contacting you soon.

—End of transcript. —


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