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Foster Care Worker Jaida Celebrates Birth Parents

Watching Birth Parents interact with their children feels so natural and unscripted. I love catching the family when they forget that anyone is watching. When they are just in the moment together, loving and celebrating what family is meant to be.

Seeing a child recognize her parent from across the room or the parking lot is a treasured sliver of time. Her eyes get big, her face lights up and she starts running to her mom and dad. I just feel that in these seconds, that biological connection cannot be questioned, no matter what direction the family’s case is going. It could be headed towards termination of parental rights, or it could be in the limbo of foster care, or the family could be progressing toward reuniting. No matter what, in these moments, I know that on some level the family can be okay and it can work out because that spark still exists.

The Birth Parents we work with in Foster Care are undervalued because we remember all the horrible things that have happened to the child we love. But these are the people that gave the kids life. These parents chose to have the child, rather than give up on the child before they were born. Birth Parents make some of the hardest decisions imaginable. And they have to live with those decisions for the rest of their lives. Placing a child for adoption is not a parent giving up. It is not taking the easy way out. It is a parent giving that child the chance for life, better than what that Birth Parent thinks they can offer. Making that decision takes huge amounts of selflessness, trust in others, faith that it will work out and the reality that they may never know what happens to their child.

-Jaida, Wheaton Foster Care Supervisor


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