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What Do You Think About Birth Parents?

WE ASKED: What is it like to work with Birth Parents?

“I have been surprised how painful and beautiful and deep it is for a Birth Parent to make an adoption plan. It takes a mature, unfathomable love to be able to make a decision that both hurts and heals. I am unspeakably grateful that ECFA not only offers open adoption, but advocates open adoption.”

“Placing a child for adoption is not a parent giving up on their child or taking the easy way out. It is a parent giving that child the chance for life, better than what that birth parent thinks they can offer. Making that decision takes huge amounts of selflessness, trust in others, faith that it will work out, and the reality that they may never know what happens to their child.”

  • Jaida, who works with struggling Birth Parents that have children placed in ECFA’s  Foster Care Program.

“I think they are incredibly brave!”

  • The Adoption Program’s Dani, who had the honor of witnessing a young Birth Mom place her newborn into the arms of the baby’s adoptive father during a placement ceremony.

When I see a DCFS-involved Birth Parent accept the help that they need, work hard to overcome the issues at hand, and have the children returned home, I’m reminded of the tenacious love of Christ, who would go to any length to save His children.”

  • Michelle, who serves as a caseworker with ECFA’s Foster Care Program and encourages Birth Parents to take ownership of their futures.

“The gift Birth Parents give to their child and an adoptive family is beyond amazing. They are giving their heart to another person or family. The amount of trust and respect it takes to place a child for adoption is unbelievable. Birth parents are courageous, selfless, amazing, wonderful people. “

  • Cristina, who has facilitated the adoption of at least 100 children through her work as supervisor of ECFA’s Adoption Program.

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