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What You Can Say (or Do)

Experiencing a loss is difficult. Knowing someone who is experiencing that loss is also difficult.  There are ways to support your friends and family as they work through infertility.

Let them know you care.  Send them cards. Communicate that you are available to them. If you’re comfortable asking, ask them what you might do to help support them.

Remember them on mother’s and father’s day. Send them a card to let them know that you are thinking about them.

Support their decisions. Each couple is unique.  Whether a couple decides to stop fertility treatments or never start, show understanding and, again, offer your support (not your advice).

What are ways that you show or have been shown care?

Taken and adapted from resolve.


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One comment on “What You Can Say (or Do)

  1. Having just returned from my grandma’s funeral, I found a card on my desk stating condolences from my co-workers at ECFA. It reminded me of the power of words. A simple “I’m sorry, I’m thinking of you” was enough to remind me I had support. I may have felt alone, but I’m not.

    If you have friends struggling through infertility- don’t minimize the power of letting them know you’re thinking about them.

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