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Introducing Infertility

Infertility is a reality that can be challenging to talk about openly. Despite this discomfort, most people know someone who has dealt with its effect it can have on their relationship with their spouse and their future.

According to Resolve.org, 7.3 million people of childbearing age in the U. S. find themselves in this position. That amounts to roughly 10% of the reproductive-aged population.  Or, 6 million American couples.

Despite the common myth that infertility is an issue faced mostly by women, men also experience infertility. According to American Fertility.com,

In approximately 35% of infertile couples, the problems can be traced to the female and in approximately 35% of couples the problem can be traced to the male. In the remaining 30% of infertile couples the problems is either shared by both partners or is “unexplained.”

With this alarming statistic in mind, ECFA has devoted this month to Infertility Awareness. Let’s learn more together.


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