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How our New Program Helps Families Cope

Kelsey and her family

This is Kelsey’s family.

Her mom is verysick.  And she lost her job last week. On top of that, Kelsey’s dad hasn’t been able to find work as an Account Executive for months.

Stress levels at their house are really high.


The bills are piling up. And piling up. And piling up.

What’s going to happen to sweet little Kelsey and her family?

There are two possible conclusions to this story.

The first:

One day, Kelsey will break a water glass. It will be an accident, but her dad will snap. At school the following afternoon, Ms. Harrison will notice a bruise on Kelsey’s little arm.

Child Welfare VanKelsey will then be pulled into the Child Welfare System. Or, as you may know it, Foster Care.

No one will have meant for it to get this bad. Kelsey’s mom and dad won’t have been bad people. But they were isolated and dealing with huge life stresses.

The second:

Amy will see Kelsey and her family at church. Amy knows that Kelsey’s dad is looking for work and that Kelsey’s mom is sick. She also knows about Safe Families for Children.

Safe Families at ECFA intervenes before any glasses are broken. With her parent’s consent, Safe Families will place Kelsey in the care of a married couple living close to her parents. Safe Families will help Kelsey’s mom and dad get the support they both need: transportation to medical appointments, a support group for spouses of those suffering from long-term illness, anger management, and job search support.

Kelsey’s parents still face the challenges of life and parenthood, but they will have help.


Safe Families for Children strives to prevent child abuse and neglect through a collaborative effort between churches, volunteers, and professionals. It is a voluntary program in which parents maintain full custody.  To learn more: click here.

This message brought to you by: April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month. What can you do to stop child abuse and neglect today?


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