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How Does Knowledge Stop Child Abuse?

Knowledge of Parenting, of Child & Youth DevelopmentProtective Factor #2: KNOWLEDGE.

But what IS a Protective Factor? (Image of little girl raising hand.)

A “Protective Factor” is a condition that prevents the occurrence of child abuse when present in an at-risk family. A Protective Factor serves as a buffer from life stresses.

Sometimes, it seems that children rocket into new developmental stages. Suddenly, your baby is crawling toward every outlet in the house. Your teen mutates from bouncy chatter-box into a screaming pot o’ anger in the blink of an eye. And as parents in the middle of it all, you are left to wonder: How do I keep up?

As it turns out, this know-how actually plays a strong role in preventing child abuse. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, if caregivers have a strong understanding of child development and parenting methods, the children in that home have a much lower risk of being the victim of abuse or neglect.

In other words: knowledge = safety for children.

R & R (Read & Respond): Where do  you turn to find out what’s going on with your baby, child, or teen?


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