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The Love In Action Dinner is Coming Up Fast!

This year’s Love in Action anniversary dinner is on its way.

ECFA is celebrating its 61st year in the business of serving kids and families with a fantastic dinner, mini-concert, and client testimony. Join us and your questions just might be answered.

1) What does Steve Green sound like in person? Because it seems like his music is  pretty awesome.

2) How much money will ECFA raise to underwrite its wonderful services?

3) Who will be sharing their story about how ECFA has helped them?


To learn more about the Love in Action dinner or to register, click here.


About Evangelical Child & Family Agency

Adoption, Safe Families, Intact Family Services, Counseling, Pregnancy, Birthparents, Adoptive Parents

One comment on “The Love In Action Dinner is Coming Up Fast!

  1. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am anxious to meet Queen Ecfa. However, I hear that she is terribly shy. Hates for anyone to make a fuss over her. So I will be keeping my eyes open at the dinner. I’m sure that she will be off in some corner quietly watching the action. I have a pretty dress picked out and am ready to help celebrate!

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