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Nurturing and Attachment Stops Child Abuse


But what IS a Protective Factor? (Image of little girl raising hand.)

A “Protective Factor” is a condition that prevents the occurrence of child abuse when present in an at-risk family. A Protective Factor serves as a buffer  from life stresses.

Protective Factor #1: Nurturing & Attachment.

Parents who nourish an attachment with their child by learning how to respond sensitively to the child’s needs will find parenting easier and more enjoyable.

Kids who receive affection from caretakers have the best chance of developing healthy behaviors, communication skills, and the ability to cope with stress.

Some parents need help to build these attachment skills. Some parents need support in knowing how to nurture amongst their life circumstances. By lending support to the people in our lives, we could be helping to end child abuse.

So open that listening ear to your sister with the teen daughter. Offer guidance on how to care for that crying newborn in your neighbor’s life. You have a chance to contribute to maintaining the kids’ safety. After all, families, and the communities they live in, are the biggest resource to preventing child abuse.

For more detailed resources on the prevention of child abuse: visit The Child Welfare Information Gateway.


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