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ECFA’s Tag Days Showdown Update

We held a little Tag Days competition between office rivals Dave and Kyle. Who collected the most money during 26 hours of tagging?

Look at all the winnings for the kids of ECFA!

The results are in, and the winner is…


The West Chicago taggers collected a whopping $1,305.00!!!

Congrats to Marilyn, Rita, Cristina, Dani, Julie, Krista, Bill, Phoebe, Nancy, Katherine, Teri, Mike, Joan, Linda, Maria, and Charity!

We’re still tallying the total amount of money collected for ECFA, but don’t worry: we promise to keep you posted!

Thanks to ALL the ECFA staffers and individuals who helped make this event a stunning success!Tag Star


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One comment on “ECFA’s Tag Days Showdown Update

  1. Good thing we weren’t competing against Dennis. I think he may have done the best of all.

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