ECFA Tag Days Showdown: Dave and Kyle Duke It Out

This is Dave.

Fun Facts: He’s a die-hard Packers fan. He sneaks his Packers hat on at work. (Don’t deny it, Dave!)

He loves to make silly puns. (Example: On Monday, he had to sit in the doorway during a crowded meeting. When someone had to get by, he said, “Well, I guess I’m just a-door-ed.” Laugh, laugh, laugh!)

Dave’s tag days team collects in: WEST CHICAGO!!!

Stop by the Dunkin’ Donuts on Roosevelt and Joliet-that’s your chance to get punned!

This is Kyle.

Fun Facts: She’s one of six kids. (So you know she likes to talk!)

She thinks learning about nutrition and horticulture are pretty awesome.

Kyle’s team collects in: DOWNERS GROVE!!!

If you have some shopping to do in DG, save it for the Jewel Osco so you can chat it up with Kyle and her group.

We’re hedging our bets: Will Kyle’s team in Downers collect the most money for ECFA, or will Dave’s team in West Chicago win? Stay tuned…

(Know that Kyle and Dave are not really rivals, and ultimately, we don’t care who “wins.” This competition is just for the fun of it.)


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2 comments on “ECFA Tag Days Showdown: Dave and Kyle Duke It Out

  1. Dont let Dave’s exterior fool you, he’s ruthless!

  2. Here we go!!!!!

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