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How to Play ECFA’s Tag Days

Shake it! Is it a money collection box…or is it a musical instrument? You decide on April 8 & 9.

With ECFA’s Tag Days just around the corner, we would like to share with you the way to play:

Stake out a Dunkin’ Donuts with your pals. Stand right by the door while wearing a Children’s Benefit League of Chicago and Suburbs apron. Hold and shake a collection box to a steady beat.

These volunteers are ready to PLAY. See all the boxes they are going to fill?

And, most importantly, make sure to smile.

Suggest a donation. Preferably, that loose change you can hear jingling in the customers’ pockets. Every little bit helps! you will exclaim. When they drops a handful of change in your donation box, tag! You got him.

When your shift is over, go home a winner. After all, you will have just done some great work for ECFA’s neediest kids.

** ** ** ** ** **

ECFA’s Tag Days is taking place on April 8th and 9th. Look for us at Dunkin’ Donuts, Walgreens, or Jewel-Osco in Wheaton, West Chicago, Downers Grove– even the Chicago-Loop!

All funds go directly to our kid-specific services.

If you’re interested in playing Tag Days with us: email kyleh@evancfa.org.

Don’t miss out!


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One comment on “How to Play ECFA’s Tag Days

  1. I’m a winner. Not just because this post says I am (since I was a participant of tag days) but also because I think I got more cash donations than my supervisor, Julie.

    Not that I’m competitive or anything. But I won, Julie.

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