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Writing Contest for Adoptees Anchored in Christ

Jody Moreen is excited to share a writing contest for those adoptees who are 18 and older. Please read below a message from Jody and more information regarding this writing contest.

“Spring is on the horizon and in the month of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. This year it is May 10th, 2015. As adoptees, we are keenly aware that we have been given the gift of LIFE. Regardless of the circumstances of our birth, there was a special birth mother that chose LIFE and carried us safety in her womb for 9 months. I don’t know about you, but I have always embraced a soft and loving place in my heart for my birth mom. Sadly I was never able to meet her face-to-face before she passed away. In honor of all birth mothers I am asking adoptees or those orphaned since birth who carry love in their heart for LIFE to share your thankfulness, gratitude and loving and honoring sentiments to your birth mother and to God. Contest open to persons 18 and up. In 250 words or less share in a letter, a poem, a prayer or a song of praise. ( If you have already written something longer- feel free to share, but new writings strive to keep close to 250 words- a goal to be concise ) You may include a beautiful scripture verse in the Bible at the beginning, end or in the content of your piece. Feel free to share what God places on your heart. Be simple, poetic or creative, whatever way you are lead to express your praiseworthy sentiments. ( You may address your birth mother by her first name, if you know it, or you can just use the word Birth Mother or Dear Mother or another loving title.) Please prayerfully consider participating and share this with others you know that are adopted or those orphaned since birth. I would love to compile a collection of some of these letters to use to honor LIFE, and encourage birth mothers, women in crisis pregnancies, adoptees and others touched by adoption. Just imagine- your words, your expressions could save a precious life by touching a woman making a challenging pregnancy decision! PLEASE-DO NOT post your letters here.
E-mail them to me at:
jodymoreen ( followed by the @ sign ) gmail.com and in the Subject line add- or send them to me via snail mail at:
Jody Moreen, 408 Christopher Ct. SE, Winter Haven, FL. 33884. PLEASE include your name, address, zip code, phone number and e-mail address at the end of your piece. Also state whether your entry is an original, or already published in any print or media source. Contest deadline is Easter Sunday April 5th, 2015- emailed or postmarked before Easter Sunday.**** ( see note at end of this posting )
A pre-selected group of adoptees and birth mothers will vote on their favorites ) Winning entries will be published on my Adoptees Anchored in Christ blog at:
adopteesanchoredinjesus@blogspot.com and also on Adoptees Café : adopteescafe@blogspot.com
1st prize: $200.00
2nd prize: $100.00
3rd prize: $50
4th prize: $50
Honorable mentions: ( up to 10 depending on the amount of entries ) will receive their choice of a silver-toned Chosen Necklace containing the words ( Created/Chosen/Celebrated/Cherished) on a pendant from Dayspring, an Adoptee’s Anchor -Christian mug or a new Adoption book of their choice from selections from my ever growing library )
**** If entries number less than 50 by the April 5th, 2015 deadline, participants will be notified by e-mail of an extended deadline- so please include your e-mail address with your entry. Feel free to write and inquire.
Questions about the contest can be sent to Jody at jodymoreen ( followed by the @sign )gmail.com

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Breaking Down Walls

Christmas Presents image for blog

The Christmas season may be over, but the hope of Christmas is still very present. “The Light has come and darkness cannot overcome it.”

However, the staff of Intact Family Services sees darkness everywhere. There are so many broken families, hurting mothers and fathers, families destroyed through addiction, and families overwhelmed by mental illness. In the midst of this darkness it can be difficult to see the change we are trying to facilitate in order to strengthen and support families.

I would love to say that our families all see the value in what we do and welcome us into their lives and homes with open arms, but that doesn’t always happen. Some families do welcome us, trust us, and understand that we are really there to try and help them succeed long term. Unfortunately, it seems that many can’t see the value of our time and services. I don’t blame our clients for this. I can’t imagine how it must feel in the midst of their pain to have a stranger come into their home, especially affiliated with DCFS. They’re scared of having their children removed, are defensive of their parenting abilities, and just want to move forward in their lives without “interference.”

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, families never trust us nor do they voluntarily welcome us into their homes. These are the most difficult cases for any worker.

Yet, in the Christmas season something very special happens! We as an agency and as a service are able to provide all of our families with Christmas presents. LOTS of them! Through the generous donations of so many, hope is provided, even for a moment, to a family. For some, the moment we arrive with gifts for their children is the first time they see that we really do care and that we really do want to help. That is when the walls may begin to come down.

Isn’t that what Christ came to do? To break down walls, walls of sin and shame, and offer hope? Providing families with gifts may not seem very significant on the surface, but underneath it is one of the most significant moments for the IFS team. This moment is when we begin to become a part of our clients’ families, and when change begins.

So, thank you to all who have generously donated to bring hope to our families every Christmas; we are so grateful for the role you have played in bringing hope, breaking down walls, and letting the Light in.

For, the Light has come and darkness cannot overcome it.


Brigid Luke, Supervisor (IFS)

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All Types of Mothers’ Day

Mother's Day Blog Photo

This coming Sunday is a day traditionally set aside to celebrate mothers (and let me tell you, they deserve to be celebrated). It is a day to honor and recognize mothers.

Mothers come to be through a myriad of ways. They are made through thousands of little experiences. There is not just one type of mother.

So, here is to all the mothers out there.

Those who are experiencing infertility.
Those who opened their hearts and homes to foster children.
Those who gave birth to a child and made a courageous decision to make an adoption plan.
Those who serve as Safe Families for Children mothers.
Those who just became mothers for the first time.
Those who have been mothers for years and years.
Those who donated embryos (for someone else to become a mother too).
Those who have lost a child.
Those who are currently pregnant.
Those who are mothers through marriage.
Those who regret an abortion.
Those who may be an “unofficial” mother to a child.
Those who are raising a relative.
Those who added to their family through adoption.
Those who are surrogate mothers.
Those who have experienced miscarriage.
And those who I haven’t even specified (as there are more types of mothers than I even know).

Whatever your situation, story, or experience, I hope you feel loved and appreciated. God Bless and Happy Mother’s Day.

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Word of Mouth

Most often when I am looking for a new service, I ask around to find the place that someone has already tried and approved. Car services, coffee, resale stores, the doctor. It will save me time and energy and, possibly, a headache if I can use a service that someone else has given the approval stamp.

I don’t think I am out of the ordinary (in this regard at least). We are a busy people living in a busy time. Chances are better that if I ask someone I like or trust about a service they like or trust, I will also like or trust the same service.

After working for Pregnancy Support Services, I have learned the importance of “Word of Mouth” referrals. Many of our referrals come from “my mom’s friend who adopted” or “my friend you helped when she was pregnant.” I always appreciate these referrals because 1. That’s someone we get to help and 2. Someone gave us the approval stamp!

Thank you to all of those that have referred our services. Thank you for your approval stamp! You are all important in making sure that women and families who could use some extra support during their pregnancy, can find our services.

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A LOST BOY FINDS HIS CALLING, as reported by the Washington Post

This is a “must-see video”. It will awaken some strong feelings within you, as you view the utter travesty of severely neglected and abused children. You will be “looking back in time” to Romania in the 1980’s. Izidor Ruckel escaped the horror of his confinement through the open arms of an adoptive family. As a survivor, his goal is to return to Romania and initiate change so other orphaned children do not go through the same horrors he and other children experienced. You can find the video at the link below:


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A New Year: Renewed Desire for Change


“What are your New Year’s resolutions?”


Oh, the infamous annual phrase that reminds us of the necessity for change in our lives.  Well, the New Year has passed, and perhaps, your resolutions with it. In planning goals, there is the great hope of what life could be like, should the change come to fruition. Sadly, we are quickly disappointed when achievement is farther off than preferred. This is not limited to our personal lives; it also pervades our vocations and ministries.

Change is a ‘hot’ topic in the Safe Families for Children program. Our staff and volunteers earnestly desire change to occur within the placing families – change that will foster an increasingly secure and loving environment. Here is the catch: far too often, I find myself wanting that change to happen overnight. When the seeds that have been planted are not growing according to my timeline, disappointment is not far away. The Lord is convicting me of this faulty agenda in a few different ways.

One of these lessons is His admonition that I must cease my attempts to ‘fix’ people. I am not the One who can change lives. It is a complete work of the Holy Spirit and it is done in His timing. This is a humbling, but necessary, reminder that should never be far from mind.

Second, He is challenging me to simply be with someone in their pain. One of the greatest gifts that we can give someone is the gift of our presence. Instead of trying to find the most comforting thing to say at just the right time, what would it look like to just be with that person? This is something that I am seeking to discover. 

Lastly, the Lord has reminded me that my minute mind cannot comprehend the mysteries of His grandiose plan. His ways are far greater than my own. I am to surrender my agenda to His will, trusting that He knows what is best for these families.

The disappointment vanishes when I consider these things and when I hear what God is doing through those involved in Safe Families – the staff, the volunteers, and our placing families. The love of Christ is being lavished on those in our community and across the country.

As another year has begun and our desire for change is renewed, may God quicken our hearts to what He is doing in and through our successes and disappointments.


Emily Shaw, Safe Families for Children Hub Manager

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The Spirit of Christmas

red-christmas-ballOne of the things I love the most about Christmas is not Christmas Day, or the presents, or even the delicious cinnamon rolls that are the traditional Christmas breakfast in my home. No, my favorite thing about Christmas is the “spirit of Christmas.”  Now, Christmas clichés abound this time of year, so let me explain what I mean by “spirit of Christmas.”

 To me, the “spirit of Christmas” encompasses so many aspects of the human experience; from the reminder of our Savior’s birth, to the hope people find when they see long-absent friends or family members, to the generous hearts of individuals who choose this time of year to serve their friends and strangers alike.  It seems as though people, in general, are a little more joyful, selfless, and thoughtful during the Christmas season.  Signs of such behavior can been seen when someone donates a winter coat and hats to a stranger, when two brothers put aside their differences in order to spend Christmas with family, or even when someone simply smiles more at those they see as they complete their last-minute shopping.  The “spirit of Christmas” always seems to renew my hope and remind me of the good in people.

 Unfortunately, the “spirit of Christmas” only seems to last for, as expected, the Christmas season.  The “spirit of Christmas” goes into hiding and comes back out the following year just after Thanksgiving.  But what if it stayed with us the whole year?  What a radical thought.  What if the “spirit of Christmas” became our norm and people were always a little bit more friendly, more giving, more considerate?  I am not sure what the “spirit of Christmas” means to you, but for me, I want the “spirit of Christmas” to extend to the “Spirit of Christ;” I want it to expand beyond the Christmas season, encompass the love that Christ has shown us, and stay with me throughout the year and throughout my interactions.  My goal is to be a catalyst, part of the cause, instead of merely being affected by the once-a-year Christmas fervor.  Join me? :)


Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.


**Merry Christmas and Merry Life**


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